Haulme – Simply Connecting Shippers and Drivers in Just One App

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We all love efficiency and organization, right? Well, let us tell you a little something about Haulme. Haulme is an online, software-based alternative to conventional load boards and brokers. And in addition to long boards and brokers, Haulme allows small and medium business shippers to locate and use capacity of highly qualified, insured owner operators and small fleets.

Shippers receive the ultimate benefit with full disclosure pricing in addition to in-transit tracking and speedy proof of delivery confirmation. By doing this, it allows for complete supply chain visibility and heightened efficiency. See? We’re all about efficiency, here.

Other benefits to lookout for?

  • Unlock capacity with no broker calls
  • On-time delivery and pickup
  • Transparent pricing
  • On-demand freight visibility
  • Fast delivery confirmation

Shippers also have the convenience of INSTANTLY receiving an estimated price for shipment after inputting just a few pieces of information.

Drivers will too benefit from transparent freight rates, know-before-you-go visibility and quick payments. They’ll know how much to make for each load via Haulme’s convenient mobile app.

Drivers can expect the following benefits:

  • Make more money by finding more loads
  • Get paid faster
  • Decrease empty backhauls
  • Paid in just 3 business days

If you’re a driver who wants to increase his or her income, then Haulme wants to help you. Receive more load opportunities by gaining more access.

Small fleets, we didn’t forget about you! Download the free app right to your smartphone and see your transparent freight rate and quick payments. Nothing is better than knowing how much you’ll expect to receive for a booked load. Another benefit? Haulme will increase awareness to shippers who they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

For more information, visit Haulme.com today!


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