Geek My Tree – Stay Festive All Year Round

Consumer Update

Hold up. Before you go on saying, “It’s the summer and there’s no room for holiday festivity!” A) haven’t you ever heard of Christmas in July? And B) this is not your average holiday tree.

So, with all that being said, let’s get into the Geek My Tree spirit, shall we?

Geek My Tree provides a fun and convenient solution for decoration and when the holiday season rolls around, makes being prepared a cinch. Geek My Tree offers a holiday decorative solution as well as a piece that can, as we said, be used during and beyond the holiday season.

Need some suggestions on where to put it? We got those spaces covered:

  • child’s room
  • your room
  • dorm room
  • office
  • bathroom

And the list goes on depending on where you feel like being the most festive. On a side note, we have one in our office and it really makes the room feel that much more cozy.

Other benefits Geek My Tree provides is not needing to clean up a barrage of needles. C’mon, we know you hate clean up duty when it’s time to kick the tree to the curb. Purchasing real trees is always a nice thought, but having to clean up its mess isn’t so nice. You’re responsible for putting away enough decorations so eliminating the need of tedious needle pickup, is essential.

Did we also mention that every LED is individually controlled and a unique pixel cap that can be changed to either, stars, pumpkins, or pet paws. If you want to tack this guy up in a further away place, no worries, there’s a 6 foot USB cable cord for that. You can conveniently plug it into a wall, computer or even a cell phone battery.

So, because you can change out those pixel caps, you have NO reason for why you can’t use Geek My Tree. Whether it’s the centerpiece at your next party or a festive nightlight, Geek My Tree is meant to be diverse and versatile in your living space.

Have we convinced you? If so, you can head to to pre-order your own tree today and if not, well then you’re missing out on some super cool lighting and festivity.



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