Wyrmwood – Taking it from Digital PvP to Face-to-Face

Consumer Update

Time to unplug and detach from the electronic devices. People are on the move towards rediscovering how awesome table-top games are and in doing so, they’re finding that role-playing games, board games & card games are the recreational activities to play! So get ready for it, your strategy game is about to be taken to a whole new level.

Specializing  in creating high-quality gaming accessories from premium hardwoods, Wyrmwood is made up of a team who will take your gaming experience to the next level – sorry, we just really wanted to emphasize that part.

From role playing to board games, to card games, Wyrmwood diversifies your gameplay all while you play in a sophisticated style.

Wyrmwood’s high standard of craftsmanship are nothing shy of high quality. Their wood selection such as text engraving, image engraving, marquetry, and other inlaid materials offer totally unique designs.

In addition, they will create the finest piece of wood custom to the client. Take it from us, Wyrmwood thrives on the challenge of exceeding expectations. So go ahead, be at your pickiest and you’ll be given the exact piece you’ve been envisioning, within their budget, of course.

Unique designs that Wyrmwoods provide:

  • Dice Vaults
  • Dice Trays
  • Dice Towers
  • Deck Boxes
  • Game Master Screens
  • and more!

And other products that you can find at Wyrmwood’s website?

  • Hero vault – compact, solid wood carrying case for your gaming necessities. From your favorite set of dice, to your character mini or whatever you prefer to store
  • Accessories – selection of high quality accessories to supplement your Wyrmwood gaming products
  • Privateer Press – officially licensed and hand crafted accessories that feature the factions of Warmachine & Hordes

So yes, Dungeons and Dragons players, we’re talking to you. Get fair, random rolls every time you roll with a handcrafted dice vault, dice tray, and/or dice tower.

Or if Magic: The Gathering is more your jam, protect your cards with Wyrmwood’s Classic Deck Box and Leather Playmat.

Either way and whichever product you decide to get, know that it’s created professionally and with high quality in mind. Also rest assured that your products are guaranteed for life and will be replaced, repaired, or refunded if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

If you want to order gaming accessories or just simply peruse their site, visit wyrmwoodgaming.com today.


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