– Find Your Talent and Show it to the World


Do you have a hidden talent? C’mon… We know you do! Well, it’s about time you’ve shared it with the world, don’t you think?

If you’re destined to become a star or even just a star on the rise, you can finally utilize an easy-to-use live stream app called

No tricky business here. All you have to do is tap the streaming button and get recording.

Feel and join the love of millions of other users worldwide and watch them perform their talents such as singing, dancing, doing makeup, vlogging, or anything else that’s watch-worthy.

As you stream, you can also see instant feedback that your watchers are giving you such as hearts and comments. Also be sure, prior to going live, to select the category you want to broadcast in or the category you find most interesting on the search page.

What’s even cooler is that lets you get recommendations from those either all over the world or nearby.

Our tips to get the most views?

  • Stay live for 30 minutes or longer and be a part of broadcasts when you engage in real-time with other content creators. Be sure to also grow your fan base when you share with friends on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and more.
  • Have good lighting! No one is interested in a half or dim-lit face when they’re watching you.
  • Be sure to have a guideline of what you plan to do in the video and when. Don’t lose focus or digress because no one likes a rambler.
  • Take and make your best photo the cover photo because after all, first impressions are everything!

And of course, if performing isn’t your thing, you can join the party by being a spectator. Let the content creators do their thing while you watch and give feedback. If you also have a favorite star to follow on, don’t forget to set notifications for when they go live! They just might reciprocate. is easy to integrate and makes it simpler to share your stream on social media platforms.

So go ahead! Take the plunge and showcase your talent with today!


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