TrailerCaddy – The Heavy Lifting is Taken Care Of

Consumer Update

For those who are familiar with semi-trailers and the moving of them in and out of dock doors at distribution centers and manufacturing plants know that there is a hefty cost involved.

For most shunt trucks, they start at a price of $20,000 – Whoa! Fortunately for you, if you’re in need of a conventional shunt truck, DJ Products’ TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor provides an alternative at a quarter of the cost.

The TrailerCaddy operator walks alongside the unit and provides the following features:

  • Pulls King-Pin/Ball Coupler Trailers up to 100,000 lbs.
  • Hydraulic Lift Kit Lifts Tongues up to 25,000 lbs.
  • 48 volt 4 battery system for long run times
  • Works great on gravel, snow, ice, and grass
  • 0-3 MPH forward/backward
  • Charger works with 120/220 AC outlets

With its ability to employ small corrections and make precise turns, customers stay in more control and have better visibility. In addition, TrailerCaddy helps reduce damage to docks and trailers so employees don’t risk injuring themselves.

A further convenience of the TrailerCaddy doesn’t require an operator to have a commercial driver’s license or health certificate. It also means less costly and more readily available personnel can move trailers at short notice.

The most common environments the TrailerCaddy is used are:

  • RV & camper dealerships
  • Military bases
  • Vehicle maintenance locations

So, if what we’ve all told you before doesn’t convince you to purchase the TrailerCaddy as an alternative, then perhaps its power and size will! Better than risking potential injury from employees moving equipment on their own, TrailerCaddy eliminates the need for an operator and makes moving simpler.

DJ Products also isn’t stopping at the TrailerCaddy. They’re currently working on developing autonomous TrailerCaddy, meaning it will eliminate the need for an operator altogether. Now that’s what we call efficiency!

If you’d like to learn more, head to today.


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