Analytics Engines – Don’t Lose Your Mind and Keep Your Data

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It’s a given, businesses of a great size deal with large quantities of data which has to then be organized and analyzed. Frequently, when copious amounts of data take over, it can potentially cause your resources to become lost.

Is it something to just sit back and accept as a possible circumstance? With Analytics Engines, it never has to be.

Analytics Engines XDP offers a feasible platform where any data can be curated, orchestrated, and analyzed. It’s also optimized for rapid deployment so it reduces infrastructure development time and speeds up the analytic process.

Analytics Engines heart of functioning is to provide businesses the backbone they need regarding data analytics and management. Certain sectors that could on Analytics Engines’ efficiency? Life science and healthcare.

Precision in medicine is only growing and is more in demand in drug development and patient care. Analytics Engines steps in by allowing researchers and healthcare providers to integrate different datasets that they are faced with and then automates the analytic process in a streamlined way.

Features of Analytics Engines:

  • Reusable – info can be transferred in-cloud or on premise
  • Unified View – a whole view of enterprise data and allows joins across data assets in separate silos
  • Push-Down Query Capability – run analytics queries against native source systems
  • Source Control – Software Defined Infrastructure definitions can be placed under source control
  • Best in Class – Using high standard tools and data to deliver a range of data stores to match your data

Researchers are now able to concentrate on analysis instead of wrangling data into a cohesive form or integrating patient data with outcomes.

Analytics Engines is a strong platform that can house raw data, metadata, and interim analysis results that provide tracking, monitoring, and analyzing of all data.


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