Service Empire – Taking Care of the Small Things


So, this one is pretty cool. Ever have too much to do in a day? Not enough hours? We know the feeling too.

Fortunately, there’s an app that takes assistance to a whole new level and that is Service Empire.

It’s just like what you saw and if you didn’t watch it, lucky for you, we also have the explanation here.

Service Empire is essentially a free concierge service. Life gets hectic and sometimes you just need help. With advanced technology, Service Empire gets you in touch with thousands of qualified professionals at the touch of an app. Not to mention, Service Empire has a one-up on Siri and Alexa by integrating a FREE human assistant.

So, let’s break it down as we can just sense the looks of confusion.

Say you want to make a dinner reservation, you then open the Service Empire app and request your very own assistant. With just those simple steps, you’ll see that your reservation is taken care of. You can also use Service Empire for booking a flight or securing an appointment with an electrician. You have the choice of clicking through to let them know what you want or you can say it right into your phone. Ha, let’s see if Siri and Alexa can do that.

Running on the most basic of premises, Service Empire has a mission to make each and every one of their clients feel special. They understand that life gets hectic and sometimes the simplest of things can seem like the biggest burden to remember doing.

Let Service Empire take care of the nuances of appointment schedule and hotel booking, you have enough on your plate!

You can download the Service Empire app for free in the Google Play or App Store or visit today.




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