Smart IDReader – Scan Identity Documents in Seconds

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Digitization constantly finds new ways to make our experiences faster and more convenient – well, at least that’s its intention. With that said, there’s now an app that can thoroughly scan your identity documents such as passport, license, debit, and credit cards.

Take a look at Smart IDReader:

Within a machine readable zone, this app can scan your identity document in seconds.

It works by identifying and capturing identity documents while using videos/photo cameras and scanners in mobile, desktop, and terminal solutions.

All you have to do is point the app camera towards the identity document you wish to scan and it will do so in 3 seconds. Neat, huh? Now, being late for that flight to Jamaica won’t be so bad with a few minutes shaved off.

Companies that implement this Smart IDReader SDK into their system will maximize efficiency and save time.

Recognition of the Smart IDReader:

  • On mobile devices
  • In real time
  • Of documents in video stream
  • Of documents in various lighting conditions

Other features of Smart IDReader:

  • White label license
  • Only device RAM is used. No personal data is being copied or transferred over the internet

Regardless of the lighting conditions, the high-resolution capture will take all information necessary from the document.

And as mentioned before, you won’t need to worry about your information floating around out there. The data is so sensitive that no information that’s captured is sent over the internet. You can rest assured of this as all the complicated internal processing is done directly on the device.

In addition, Smart IDReader recognizes a large number of international documents so those outside of the United States have a workable solution.

To know more about the Smart IDReader technology, head to or download the Smart IDReader demo app in the Google Play or App Store to see for yourself.


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