Black Streak Kitchen – Approach Cooking in a New and Different Way


If both of your loves are comics and cooking, well, you better stay tuned for this next app. The app that we’re about to talk about mixes recipes with good ol’ comic book style aesthetic.

If you’re also so inclined to get your gear into cooking healthier foods instead of opting for takeout, you’ll want to download Black Streak Kitchen.

Take your recipe learning to new heights or open a new activity to do with your significant other. You’ll see that through comics and animation, you’ll know more about nutrition, health, and wellness than ever before.

Black Streak Kitchen will keep you engaged through its comic strip style not to mention entertained with its fun cooking music videos.

If it’s important for you to learn more about nutrition and cooking, then you and this app have something in common. It’s Black Streak Kitchen’s mission to educate kids, teens, adults, and families on the essentials of healthy eating. And knowing the best ingredients to make delicious meals sounds kind of fun too, right?

Immerse yourself in the full-colored recipes that are stocked with complete characters called the Black Streak Chefs. They will have you follow along with their dialogue all while you cook meals and learn recipes!

And no fear for the folks who may just be taking up the hobby of cooking. Black Streak Kitchen is designated for all levels of expertise, from beginners to the advanced.

You can also widen your culinary arts by exploring the geography section of the app. Explore various recipes from all over the world and get a taste of all types of food!

You can download Black Streak Kitchen for free in the Google Play or App Store or visit today.


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