Ethercan Light HS – Access CAN Data Over a Network Through Ethernet

Consumer Update

Being the standard in the automotive industry, CAN is known for connecting to in-vehicle networks. However, it’s also used in other industries for industrial communications. Usually, accessing data from CAN could be seen as a bit tedious, but fortunately, there’s a better way to access CAN data over a network through Ethernet.

Enter, Ethercan Light HS. This nifty gadget facilitates the adoption of IoT within modern manufacturing environments by enabling data from any CAN product.

What features are expected to come with Ethercan Light HS?

  • High-speed CAN connection
  • Small, lightweight plastic housing with isolation
  • Always compatible with applications written for other Kvaser CAN hardware
  • Built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Safe to say, that kind of stuff is impossible with a simple USB connection.

And though Ethercan is primarily used in the auto industry, it also has a wide scope of users in the aerospace, defense, medical device, and robotic industries.

Why else should you invest in Kvaser Ethercan Light HS?

  • Unique design – tailor made to meet the needs of engineers
  • Free software, free updates and free support
  • Swedish innovation and Italian product housing design
  • Strong commitment to R&D investment

When it comes to large machinery so it can withstand large-scale vibrations.

Find out more about Kvaser Ethercan Light HS by visiting their website at


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