WireX – Your Key to Incident Solutions

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It’s unfortunate, but cyber-attacks happen and require businesses to respond quickly in order to minimize damage. Another unfortunate event is that several businesses fall short of the tools necessary to meet enterprise needs. And hey, if the agilest and well-funded security systems struggle, hope can remain pretty bleak for the rest of the gang.

Luckily, there’s a remedy that can enhance security investigations and doesn’t require several days to do it. WireX is a solution that instantly provides the necessary intelligence to take action. What’s efficient about WireX is its instantaneous response to taking action out of the overload of raw data.

WireX performs with constant security measure in mind. It’s objective is to retrieve a solution the moment that malicious activity is detected. It completes this by allowing a search to go across all NFP sensors  in order to acquire clear and comprehensive data needed for investigation.

WireX enables you to automate analysis efforts with its Contextual Capture Technology. This technology is used to collect and analyze network data for security investigation purposes. With WireX’s NFP platform, you can break through limitations of full packet capture and enhance productivity of your security investigation team.

Benefits of WireX include:

  • Delivering complete visibility – increases enterprise visibility beyond log and flow data to gain understanding
  • Removes skill-set barriers – with human-readable intelligence, it can provide the whole team better efficiency and preparation to handle complex investigations
  • Boosts forensics history – stores several months worth of forensics data with greater context and visbility
  • Streamlines SOC and IR processes – integrates with existing tools and workflows as well as automates investigation strategies

To learn more about WireX and how they can keep your business safe from online threats, visit wirexsystems.com today.


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