Spellbooks – Customizable Gaming Boxes For All Your Gaming Needs

Consumer Update

For the Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering fans, here are some accessories you should keep your eyes peeled out for. Mind you, these aren’t just regular gaming accessories. No, these are kinds you can customize. See for yourself:

Put down the mobile devices and get to games that have you play face-to-face.

Founded by Quentin Weir and Dan Reis, Elderwood Academy is an effort to help lovers of games immerse themselves further into the action.

From Hex Chest dice boxes to leather bound gaming boxes which are Spellbooks, Elderwood Academy knows a thing or two about the perfect accessory.

These made-to-order gaming boxes are handcrafted to embody ancient arcane tomes and come in two styles: card deck and rolling tray.

The Spellbooks are created by being cut from a single block of hardwood and then bound in real leather with art foil-pressed into it, creating a unique piece.

In addition, Spellbooks offers the following features:

  • Customized according to your wants and needs.
  • Uses natural, living material so each Spellbook will be irreproducible and individualized.
  • Spellbooks are accented with a metal Reflecting Pool that also serves as a whiteboard to take notes

And the designs don’t stop there, but instead, continue. Add text to the spine, choose the base wood, trim and reflecting pool as well as the interior style and Spellbook depth.

Again, these bad boys are made-to-order and one-of-a-kind. Visit elderwoodacademy.com today to find out more.


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