Degree – Continuously Monitor Your Child’s Fever

Consumer Update

Being a parent surely comes with its waves of concerns, throw in a sick kid, and you’re really taking your parenting up a notch. Luckily, there’s a solution to handle the stress that comes with caring for an ill child.

Enter Degree.

Degree is the world’s first wearable in-ear thermometer for children. Designed by two engineers, Degree offers a lightweight design to conveniently fit in your child’s ear and be worn at night when they’re sick.


Degree functions by taking your child’s temperature continually from within the ear canal. The information is then sent to the accompanying app so parents can constantly monitor the fever and how fast it’s progressing. Degree consistently takes your child’s temperature from inside the ear and is wearable day and night.

If and when a child’s temperature rises to a severe level, you will receive an alert on your mobile device letting you know.

In-ear Thermometer features:

  • High accuracy
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Lightweight construction
  • Non-stop measurement
  • Lowest radiation
  • Efficient energy use

You can also find fever knowledge and treatment orientation inside the Degree app. We must say, that’s pretty handy as caring for a sick kid is a pretty big job and quite the handful.

Degree allows you to also customize the temperature level you wish to be alerted at. Continuous monitoring is key and so is the medical technology that’s inside such as Degree’s wearable vital sign sensors with German engineered design and one-time fitting, non-stop measurement.

In addition, Degree provides 5+ days of battery life and an on-the-go charging pod. And with its effective engineering and savvy data transmission, Degree minimizes energy usage and is always ready to be used.

As if this product couldn’t be efficient enough, Degree also provides a map feature that shows pharmacies close by and what protocol can be done to lower a fever.

So show your support to Degree! They’re currently running a campaign on Kickstarter. Type in, “Degree” and donate today!


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