Great Grandma Escape – There’s No Stopping this Granny


This game takes it up a notch with its fun gaming app, Great Grandma Escape. Let’s just jump right into it, shall we?

You’re currently playing as G.G. (Great Grandma) who’s mission is to hightail it out of the hospital and to your grandchild’s birthday party. Tactics include executing stealth attacks despite being feeble-bodied.

You require observation in the hospital, but it’s not going to stop you from partying it up! And though your body is weak, your mind is strong. Your objective to get out of the hospital unsuspected and prevail in your great escape.

As little ol’ granny, you’ll need to heavily rely on stealth attacks in order to sneak through the halls in efforts to avoid nurses, doctors, and other obstacles.

What’s around that can assist you in your grand plan? Pills and weapons. And if you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, you’ll be using these weapons to attack people from behind.

There are four levels to make it through and each with different environments. There are also in-app purchases you can make to further upgrade granny’s skills, abilities, and weapons.

And as an additional special announcement, starting May 15th, Great Grandma Escape will have a month long contest. If you can make it to the 4th level of the game and take a picture of yourself, and the granny character next to the security guard you could be the one chosen to win a prize. Post the picture on the Facebook fan page, or email the picture to to be considered.

Free to download and fun to play, Great Grandma Escape is currently in the App Store and will be soon released on Android devices. Simply search for “Great Grandma Escape” to download it today or visit the website,


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