cleanOze – Eliminate Those Unwanted Pesky Hairs

Consumer Update

Women understand the struggle of dealing with unwanted hair. Heck, men can even commiserate with the same issue.

Whatever the gender and whatever the occasion, everyone needs something convenient and pain-free to take those hairs away.

That’s where cleanOze, the world’s first unisex razor, comes in.

With ergonomics and a grippy handle in mind, cleanOze is simple to use. The end of the shaver is conveniently sized to fit in your nose and contains double blades on either side which allow you to shave in any direction.

Other features you can expect with cleanOze?

  • Safety blades – both blades are provided a safety mesh that safeguards against cutting the nasal passages. No one wants a self-induced nosebleed!
  • Moisturizing strip – creates a smooth and irritation-free shave.

Using cleanOze is simple; all you have to do is rinse, insert, rotate, and rinse once more. As mentioned before and what’s best about cleanOze is that it’s clinically safe to use and you won’t have to worry about nasty cuts.

Rest assured that your pesky nose hairs will be gone and without causing injury or irritation to your nostrils. In addition, you’ll eliminate these nose hairs in under 2 minutes without the need for electricity.

And don’t just leave it to the nose hairs, cleanOze can shave off hairs in other areas such as your arm, hand, and face.

Currently offering a Kickstarter campaign that will start later this year, cleanOze will give pledges the product first before it hits the shelves. Future plans will also include different colors, a replaceable head and blades, and travel case.

For more information on cleanOze, visit today.


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