GrillEye – What’s Cookin’?

Consumer Update

Well, summer is here and the grills are firing up! Want to hear a cool thing though? OK, here it goes. Imagine that you can cook your meat or use your smoker WITHOUT having to physically check the temperature every few minutes.

The product that makes smoking and grilling this simple? GrillEye.

With its top of the line smart, Bluetooth grilling and smoking thermometer, it easily monitors your grill or smoker while allowing you to step away and relax.

When your food reaches optimum temperature, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone letting you know it’s good-to-go! What’s great about GrillEye is that it saves you the time it takes or the inconvenience of having to constantly check your food’s temperature.

Making it the best Bluetooth range in the market, GrillEye can reach up to 300 feet in open space. Additionally, it includes 2 Pro-grade meat thermometer probes, made of space-grade aluminum and stainless steel, and 2 clips for ambient temperature readings.

Also, peep these other nifty features GrillEye has going on:

  • Dual temperature display – per probe, the GrillEye displays simultaneously the current and target temperature by using 2 LED indicators so you know what’s cooking.
  • 2 in 1 temperature probes – includes the Pro-grade meat thermometer probes.
  • 6 available ports – grill without the concern of how many guests you have.

And no worries about probe damage! The 6 ports offer a rugged design that was made to safeguard against rough conditions of grilling without losing its aesthetics.

If you’re interested in gettin’ your grill on with convenience, you can purchase GrillEye today for $89.90 in one of the official resellers found on


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