iAmSapien – Collectively Thinking of the Next Best Thing


Everyone has great ideas, or so they claim. Imagine if there was a platform that was dedicated to getting unheard thoughts and ideas off the ground? Well, with iAmSapien, there is.

Created by WorldWisePeople, iAmSapien is a revolutionary way to collaborate and create with others worldwide. For anyone and everyone on a single mission to think of the next best thing, iAmSapien provides the platform to do it.

Realistically, there is just too much information that gets lost and isn’t thoroughly maintained on the web. This information overload gets frustrating to suss through and for the most part, merely falls into a black hole of the internet. iAmSapien’s mission is to form plans with ideas and resources and put them all in one centralized location.

iAmSapien makes the platform easy to use with just these simple steps:

  • Ask anything of the collective group.
  • iAmSapien will present the best ideas from the collective.
  • The final step is crowdsourcing for the most appropriate plan of action where people are brought together to get the job done.

What kinds of things can you discuss on iAmSapien?

  • Liberal Arts Education
  • Where Good Ideas Come From
  • Designing Social Media that Drives Real Change
  • Visual History of Human Knowledge
  • And much more

iAmSapien’s goal is to ensure that humanity will speak within a creative space to construct ideas that can create a chain reaction and be shared.

So if you’ve been sitting on an idea, get inside your headspace and discuss it with others! For all you know, it could simply be the push you need to turn your thoughts from concept to reality.

If you want to jump in and get involved with the beta version of iAmSapien, sign up at iAmSapien.com or to just try it out for yourself check out Beta.iAmSapien.com.


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