iGon – Make Plans and Make Friends


“Oh! I know her,” you say to yourself as you roll by in the car. Just FYI though, this app we’re about to talk about can let you know from the get-go that your friend is right around the corner.

The app that’s taking a new way to connect and meet up by storm is iGon.

With GPS implementation, you’re able to see what people are up to within a 5-mile radius of you. You can take a look at all the close by activities and see whether you want to join them or not.

Now, we’re pretty sure the benefits to knowing who’s in close proximity are well implied, but we’d thought we’d list them out anyway.

  • Know the specific proximity of your friends as well as other people you may want to meet up with
  • Invite friends to enjoy activities that you plan with them
  • Continue to meet people and connect with new ones by discovering similar interests that you may share!

Conversely, you can also post your own activities via iGon and choose to make friends by seeing what they’re doing. If you’re feeling social and looking to make friends, make what activity you’re up to, public. And as an iGon tip, plan and set up a ride-share so someone can pick you up on the way to your activity.  It’s basically like an Uber for making friends. All you have to do is set your location and destination.

With iGon’s messaging feature, you can text your friends or prospective friends. These messages can be categorized according to plans such as “Bike Ride to Mordor” or “Hang-gliding off the Cliffs of Insanity.”

So, revolutionize the way you meet and greet! iGon paves the way to enrich your life with people you probably never thought you could have kicked it with before.

If you’re hesitant to give this social app a try, just know there’s no harm in trying it out! However, iGon is only available to iOS users. So those with the iPhone, iPad, etc., head on over to the App Store and search for “iGon” today!



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