Karnage Chronicles – The Ultimate VR Experience


It’s hard to find someone who isn’t a fan of virtual reality. How much more immersive can gaming get when you’re basically being put in the setting itself? Exactly.

So this brings us to a company of long time gamers and developers who go by the name of Nordic Trolls. Their industry experience range from titles like Age of Conan, Path of Exile, The Secret World, and more. Now, Nordic Trolls has come out with a pretty bomb game called Karnage Chronicles.

Karnage Chronicles provides an action RPG and includes an immersive experience you’ll most certainly want to check out.

In this game, you’re essentially under siege by unknown horrors and creatures capable of bending the Laws of Magic. What should you do when you’re placed in this situation? Fight. At least, we hope that’s what you would do.

Choose your unique classe of either Warrior or Archer and play as a Murkwraith. Pause, let us explain what a Murkwraith is. A Murkwraith is an undead entity on a mission to defeat enemies of the lands in efforts to restore order onto the world.

This game paints good and evil shades of the same color while you play as a part of a Murkwraith. The questions you’ll need to find answers to will be where you come from and what your purpose is in order to uncover and shape your future.

This fantasy epic will leave you wanting to play more as you immerse yourself in stunning visuals and awesome depth. In addition, you’ll be battling monsters and apply action-focused VR combat that will provide incredible realism and detail.

And sit tight for their support of 1-4 player co-op which is coming during early access as well as online multiplayer. The full version of Karnage Chronicles will also feature two extra classes, additional content, additional RPG elements, game difficulty settings, a village hub hand-crafted Steam Trading Cards, and more.

If you want to get started with Karnage Chronicles, you can download it on Steam today. It’s compatible with HTC Vive and will be made available for Oculus and PlayStation VR. Head to karnagechronicles.com for more information.


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