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With this next product, it’s going to highly focus on the digital economy and cloud solutions. Businesses have several moving parts and are laden with ever evolving logistics. So with this in mind, every stop on the supply chain can pretty much use all the assistance it can get.

Hence the Supply Chain App Store from DSI.

Providing mobile-first and cloud solutions for the digital economy, the Supply Chain App Store is unique in how it delivers apps specifically designed to streamline and organize supply chain.

In addition, the large and growing collection of apps for DSI licenses can be downloaded and used on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

To make things even more simplified, each app in the store is categorized by function such as service, sales, customer engagement, and data collection.

Users are able to search according to app name, enterprise resource planning (ERP) or category and receive a full description before downloading it.

For example, you may be looking to enhance your field service workforce with an app that would permit for total inventory parts visible on or offline.

You can also expect further features of the Supply Chain App Store include:

  • Cloud Inventory – streamline and execute inventory from one cloud-based solution
  • Automated Data Collection (ADC) – capture data and present it to the right person on any device
  • Service – Optimize service with remote access to customer and inventory information
  • Sales – Make more sales calls with real-time inventory and customer information
  • Customer Engagement – Surpass customer expectations with order visibility and mobile efficiency
  • Apps by ERP – Find apps by ERP

The list continues with crew management, purchase order, and invoice apps. Regardless of the enterprise software, hardware or work environment, there an easy-to-implement app solution available in the DSI Supply Chain App Store.

Supply Chain App’s mission is to create and deliver world-class technology solutions that enable DSI customers to run their businesses with simplicity and efficiency. As a business, your goal is to drive sustainable growth and gain/keep customers for life.

If you’re interested in further optimizing your business, rest assured that there’s an app for that.


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