Zacuto – Kicking it Up a Notch with the Z-Drive and Tornado Grip

Tech Report

A while back we talked about the C300 Cine Canon camera and decked it out with the Zacuto Gratical EVF Bundle. Professional videographers can’t help but feel that their jobs are made just a little simpler with the comfort and control Zacuto’s camera equipment offers.

We then added the helmet kit with their wooden handgrip, then placed The Gratical HD EVF – a must for videographers. We then added the Hawkwoods Gripper batteries on the back in efforts to increase film life for about 12 hours.

Lastly, we finished it off with the VCT Pro Baseplate which gives the ability to switch between a tripod shot and an over-the-shoulder one.

With this setup, it’s ideal to let you run and gun with the best of the pack while staying within a reasonable budget.

However and with this time around, we’re adding in the Z-Drive (a direct drive universal follow focus that can be used in a multitude of positions) which brings the focus further forward where you need it.

In addition, the Tornado Grip is the must-have if you intend on working with a handheld. The Tornado Grip’s takes the follow focus and transforms it into a more practical and comfortable grip that’s great for a single operator.

And if you still have any reservations regarding Zacuto, know that the team here at NewsWatch swears by it! We use it for any project that requires further adjustability and on-the-go footwork.

Zacuto provides an arsenal of savvy tech pieces for your camera and for any professional videographer or enthusiast.

If you want to know more information about Zacuto Gratical EVF Bundle or the Tornado Grip, go ahead and visit their website at


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