DJ Products’ TrailerCaddy – Heavy Duty Lifting at a Fraction of the Cost

Consumer Update

Remember when we posted about the TrailerCaddy a few months ago? Well, we’re here to sing its praises again and to let you as a NewsWatch viewer how you can receive a special offer.

If you work in the kind of industry that requires semi-trailers to move in and out of manufacturing plants, you’re probably familiar with how costly it can get. But you should know that there’s an affordable solution and that is TrailerCaddy by DJ Products.

A traditional shunt truck starts at $20,000, but TrailerCaddy costs just a quarter of that. And rather than having to back a semi-tractor up and connect to the trailer using side mirrors, the TrailerCaddy walks alongside the unit.

With the TrailerCaddy you can expect this machine to make small corrections, precise turns, and provide exceptional maneuverability. Customers have reported saying that the TrailerCaddy has given them increased control and better visibility which ultimately helps reduce damage to docks and trailers.

To offer further convenience, TrailerCaddy doesn’t require a commercial driver’s license or health certificate in order to operate it. With this alone, you can expect less cost and more readily available personnel who can move trailers at a moment’s notice.

The TrailerCaddy’s design is for moving king pin and covered equipment trailers. The most common of environments you’ll see TrailerCaddys are RV and camper dealerships, military bases, and vehicle maintenance locations at government repair centers. And due to the TrailerCaddy’s cost efficiency, convenient size and power, it makes for a more affordable option rather than risking injury on the worksite.

So, for businesses that require heavy duty lifting such as constant semi-trailer movement in and out of distribution centers, let TrailerCaddy eliminate the need for a certified operator and reduce dependence on an on-staff driver.

If you think this is a pretty cool invention, know that DJ Products is currently working on an autonomous TrailerCaddy, eliminating the need for an operator altogether.


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