BALDR – High-Quality Shower Products

Consumer Update

If you’re a fan of singing in the shower, then you’re going to be a fan of this next product.

Producing the highest quality shower products on the market, BALDR features several different items.

Some of the cool, waterproof products you can have with BALDR?

  • Waterproof Shower Wall Clock – good for your bathroom or in the shower so you can know exactly how late you’re running for work in the morning
  • Square Thermometer and Hygrometer with Temperature Humidity Display Sensor – an ideal gadget for each room, it can be placed anywhere from a tabletop to a wall
  • 2 Pack Us Plug – constructed with innovative components that allow remote control function
  • Atomic Alarm Clocks – keeps time by automatically synchronizing radio signals emitted from the U.S. Atomic Clock in Colorado. You can manually set the clock after closing the signal receiving function
  • Wireless Weather Stations Forecast Calendar – three touch buttons that come with a wireless remote sensor which is used to detect outdoor temperature and humidity.

BALDR also offers an HD Bluetooth speaker which is perfectly suited for the acoustics of a bathroom. So rest assured that you’re getting quality sound in typically echo-y places.

Once you connect BALDR to your phone or other device of choice, you can stick it to your wall using the three suction cups. Now all that’s left is to enjoy your music and conveniently answer any calls.

In addition, BALDR also produces various LCD waterproof shower clocks in different sizes and colors. So go ahead and get customized with it!

Know with BALDR, each display contains large digits that are easy to read and are water resistant. In addition to the time, the temperature is also displayed.

Two sizes are available to meet the needs of what you prefer as the consumer. The smaller clock comes with a timer function and available in 5 colors variations.

If you’re interested in purchasing these top-of-the-line digital shower products, head over to today!



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