Creature Quest – Satisfy Your Sense of Adventure


When you download Creature Quest, you’ll also be downloading an adventure. Creature Quest is nothing short of a fun exploration and is filled with turn-based battles fit for a king.

From the same creators of Might & Magic, Creature Quest will quench your need for an exciting and stimulating mobile game.

When you start, you’ll start with a team of five creatures while battling hundreds of other creatures in an all-out war.

This app will keep you on your toes as you’ll create stronger armies to be part of your strategy for conquest. Your actions will involve discovering treasure, gems, and tokens that will serve you to help evolve your creatures and to ultimately summon new ones.

Features you can expect from this collectible strategy RPG?

  • Exploration of ever-changing maps and overcoming obstacles to find treasure
  • Collecting and upgrading over 500 adventure seeking fantasy creatures
  • Play in strategic battles that help you wield powerful abilities
  • Guilds that offer unique PvP awards and that allow you to chat with Guild mates
  • Daily events include quests, rewards, challenges, and creatures

And don’t just stop there! Keep up the good work to unlock new powerful magic spells and creature abilities. Be on your A-game when you battle and discover fast-paced fun. All you have to do is swipe across the screen to battle quickly or use strategy to go at your own pace.

Once you fully immerse yourself in this world of strategy and adventure, you can keep growing your collection of creatures. And as you progress up the levels in the Battle Tower, you’ll continue to go up the PvP leaderboard.

You can expect to advance to further realms as you continue on in the quests and battle dragons.

Marked one of the best new games of 2017, Creature Quest is available on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. Head to your respective app store or today.


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