Ghostery – Providing Cleaner, Faster, and Safer Web Browsing

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As awesome as the internet is, it can have its downsides like slow, cluttered websites and lack of anonymity.

However, if you want to start changing that kind of experience, you can get with Ghostery. What is Ghostery you may ask? It’s simply a one-stop shop that offers cleaner, faster, and safer web browsing experiences!

With the connected world that we live in and the constant internet browsing that we do, we probably don’t realize how often we become tracked. In order for this to happen, you and your browsing data are connected to companies worldwide. This is done in efforts to target you with ads and analyze your browsing behavior. These trackers, however, impede your page’s loading time as they transmit and download data which will then increase clutter on websites. Clutter such as, you know, the annoying pop-ups that you have to constantly navigate away from?  In addition, your private information is put at risk to be leaked and that’s just no good.

Ghostery steps in as a privacy app that’s designed to detect and block tracking technologies as you browse. And remember what we told you before with how trackers slow down your internet browsing with unwanted ads and invisible data collectors? Yeah, Ghostery blocks all that. Ghostery works to speed up page loads, eliminate clutter, and protect your data.

To break it down a bit more, for every site you visit, Ghostery lists the trackers detected and will be blocked or allowed based on your preferred settings. Depending on the site, you may want to allow certain technologies. An example of this may be permitting a location tracker so you can be kept abreast of the weather forecast.

Features you can expect with Ghostery:

  • Browser extension
  • Privacy browser
  • Cliqz browser
  • Cliqz mobile browser

With the world’s largest tracker library, Ghostery offers the most complete privacy protection available.

Ghostery is compatible with all major browsers, iOS, and Android. So no matter if you’re using a Mac, PC, Phone or Tablet, Ghostery has you covered. Visit to install it for free today!


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