Alchemy. Magic is Real – Where Fantasy Comes to Life

Consumer Update

For all you magic enthusiasts, here’s a game that is sure to immerse you in a world full of fantasy.

Alchemy. Magic is Real is a game that provides strategy, fantasy, and a highly interactive gameplay.

This quest game features war and dominion over others and invites players to venture through the natural world. Rest assured that learning the game isn’t terribly complicated and it’s gameplay runs for 40 minutes – 1.5 hours (depending on the complexity of the quest).

The game consists of 2-4 players who start by drawing a quest card. The theme of the game is everyone is out for themselves as each person competes to complete the quest. So much for teamwork!

With Alchemy. Magic is Real, you must rely on strategy and the path you’ve chosen to become victorious. Collect ingredients and magic stones along the way that will help you overcome negative situations as you set on a mission to win.

Once you collect a quest card, it’s your turn to roll to get to the center of the board. Once you do reach the center, you win a gold coin and become, wait for it, The Alchemist!

The game box comes stocked with a full-color large game board that is 18″x18″  and 8 decks of 72 cards each, along with 12 quest cards.

If receiving the title of “The Alchemist” isn’t enough, there’s an educational bonus to the game as well. With each ingredient card, it features photography of herbs, crystals, rocks, minerals, symbols, and magical attributes. This essentially permits players to expand their knowledge on earth’s innate magic.

In the long run with this game, you can expect card sets, new quests, cooperative gameplay quests, more coins, and playing from 4 to 8 players with 8 tokens and 8 trays.

You can find out more about Alchemy. Magic is Real by searching for their campaign on Kickstarter today.


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