Car-ED – Get the Car That Matches Your Behavior

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The excitement couldn’t be more real when it comes to knowing you’re going to shop for a new car. Sometimes you know exactly the make, model, and year that you want while other times, you couldn’t be more lost as to which car is right for you.

Fortunately for you, that is where Car-ED comes in.

With over 400 various models for sale in the US, you’d probably be curious to know which vehicles connect to you the most. Car-ED does this for you by providing a fun quiz that ultimately evaluates your behavior.

The process is overwhelming enough, Car-ED makes it easy. They bridge the gap between manufacturer, dealer, and consumer. Essentially, Car-ED’s goal is to create an algorithm from scratch with 11 quick questions that will select the car that meets your preferences.

The reason for this is to nip in the bud any confusion that occurs with purchasing a new vehicle. With this 11-question quiz, it consolidates the whole upper part of the shopping process. All you have to do is answer a few questions and you’ll receive a suggested list of fourteen vehicles that will help you start your research process.

Though the primary focus is the quiz, Car-ED aims to be the one-stop-shop that contains all the information about all of the vehicles out there.

Car-ED does their own reviews, receives press vehicles and will drive them to give their own opinion. Once they finish driving the car themselves, they’ll post their video reviews on their YouTube channel.

Being a proud contributor to their community, Car-ED’s goal is to help others such as giving a good used car way to a family in need.

To learn more about Car-ED, head to today.


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