Nominum – The Ultimate Protection Between the Internet and Your Children

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There are tons of concerns that come along with being a parent, however, when it comes to children and the internet, it can cause a lot of issues.

Luckily, Nominum N2 Secure Consumer these concerns and steps up security measure.

Nominum offers digital parenting and value-added service to their subscribers that allows parents to restrict, block or limit access to particular sites online.

Deployed by service providers around the world, N2 Secure Consumer is a product by Nominum that provides digital online safety and security. With how far digital media has come, it’s easier and easier for children to stumble upon disagreeable content.

Nominum works as a content and security filtering service that subscribers can receive from their internet provider and is customizable for any family. This customization allows parents to set rules on a per device basis.

N2 Secure Consumer’s mission is to provide a great way for families to individualize and filter the types of content that are available to each member of the household.

Restrictions could be as follows:

  • Children may not be allowed to access social media during homework time
  • Teenagers who have iPads or iPhones may have less restrictive guidelines, but still not have access to violent content at any time of day
  • Parents can have least restrictive content filters but simply be protected from malicious content such as phishing or malware

Other products that Nominum offers to protect your internet browsing:

Network Security

  • N2 ThreatAvert

Business Security

  • N2 Secure Business
  • N2 Secure Public Wi-Fi

Browser Notifications

  • N2 Reach

In addition to Nominum’s products, they offer the following solutions:

  • Network Engineering
  • Market Solutions
  • Marketing & Customer Care
  • Security
  • Marketing & Customer Care

To learn more, head to today.


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