Postal Paws – 2D Racing, Retro Gaming, and More!


Need a new gaming app in your life? If so, then Postal Paws is the one to check out. If you’re wondering what in the world Postal Paws is, don’t worry! We got you.

Postal Paws is a 2D retro, racing game that features challenging courses, daily missions and rewards filled with retro themes, artwork, and graphics.

But before you set get on the tracks, you have to pick your character. Who can you choose from?

You can either play as puppo or part of the Catnip Collective. The puppos are Gyoza Eva, Chopper, and Toby. The four cats are Mao, Slinky, Cannoli and Muffin.

Each character has their own skills… basically think Mario Cart, but with cats and dogs! Depending on your gaming style, you can think about which character suits you the most.

Each race consists of 60 seconds to complete, but remember, it’s not just all about the victory. You want to ensure that all objectives on the course are met so you can win hefty rewards.

Be sure to also deliver packages as quickly as you can, collect Paw Tokens for cash and beat down other racers.

The best thing about Postal Paws, in our opinion, is being able to relish in the nostalgia that it offers. With its 80’s retro flare, you’re bound to take a trip down memory lane of playing video games from back in the day.

You can snag Postal Paws for free on iOS and Android devices. Head to the App or Google Play store to download today. You can also visit their website at today.


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