Cool N Dry Cooler – Say Good-Bye to Soggy Food

Consumer Update

Yep, we’ve all been there. Taking sandwiches out of the cooler only to find how soaked they’ve become from the ice melting. Talk about a loss of appetite.

Well, rest assured whenever there’s a TECHnical problem, we usually have a solution. Enter, Cool N Dry.

Cool N Dry is a cooler that keeps your food dry and fresh. They make this possible by their Dry Zone insert that sits on top of your ice which separates the food from the moisture. Basically, this is your go-to for mobile sustenance such as beach tripping, tailgating, and more.

A traditional cooler traps hot air inside every time the cooler is opened which causes the ice to melt rapidly. The Dry Zone prevents this by pushing the hot air and insulating the ice so it lasts longer.

Did you also know that there’s a built-in ice crushing blender so you can whip up some drinks on the go? So you know if you’re hosting the next tailgate, you’re definitely prepared and probably the most popular person at the event.

Another unique feature of the Cool N Dry cooler is its sand shield which lies flat on the ground so you have a place for your dry zone insert to lay without ever touching the ground.

If it couldn’t get any more efficient, Cool N Dry provides a beverage holder on the side which allows for access to your favorite drink at any time. In addition, it also keeps a bottle opener handy so you’re never stranded.

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