Degoo – Finally! Affordable Storage


Cloud storage solutions are definitely the way of the future and if you’re looking for one that isn’t Google Drive or Dropbox, be sure to check out Degoo. With this storage service, you’re offered 100 GB of free storage.

Let’s break it down. Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage while Dropbox only allows 2 GB. Wow, Dropbox is pretty stingy, isn’t it?

Degoo does not require you to have an account in order to access content sent. Basically, this makes for the recipient you’re sending a document to, be able to view it with ease and with no hassle. In addition, you can send an unlimited number of files of any size to anyone.

For photos, Degoo offers a feature to Android users that allows them to store 10 times more photos on their phone by uploading them to the Degoo server and reducing the size of the photo on their phone.

With Degoo, you don’t have to worry about a backup as you can choose your important files while it takes care of the rest. All you have to do is power off your computer and Degoo will continue your backup once it’s powered on again.

Degoo will also detect any changes that you make to your files and ensure that your backup is up to date. Let’s hear it for efficiency and a cloud storage solution that actually works WITH you.

Once you sign up for a free Degoo account, you receive 100 GB backup space for free. You’re also able to upgrade to Premium and get 2000 GB backup space and more. And if that wasn’t enough of a bonus, the newsfeed feature shows photos from your past by usually artificial intelligence to predict what content you want to see. Hmmm, that feature seems a little off-putting.

Compatible with Mac OS, Windows, Android, and iOS devices, Degoo can offer you the cloud storage solution you’ve been looking for. To sign up for free, head over to today!


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