EduCycle – Making Learning About Climate Change Fun and Interactive

Consumer Update

We all know climate change is a hot-button issue. Whatever your thoughts may be on it, however, there are things that can be done to make the planet a better to live.

Once better understood after some enlightenment and education, we can certainly restore a lot of order in our earth’s climate.

Enter EduCycle by Neste.

With the combination of data from thousands of climate studies and funneling them into a full-fledged game, Neste has been able to make learning about an important issue, fun.

EduCycle is essentially an augmented reality and digital game logic which simulates choices regarding food, energy, and traffic that affects global carbon emission levels.

The game requires a physical map board, 3D printed markers, and the EduCycle app on an iPad. Once you look at the map through the app, you can see your decisions come to fruition in a virtual city.

This presents an eye opening and changes made by you, happening in real time. For every result and effect, it’s based on the environmental science of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

EduCycle aims to inspire change that can be made by anyone when they use this interactive and user-friendly app.

If you’re interested in pursuing a healthier and more sustainable future, EduCycle can help spread awareness. To find out more information about visit



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