Propper – Tactical Pants for Men and Women in the Office or in the Field

Consumer Update

Being the lead supplier in garments that are comfortable yet practical forms of clothing in men and women, Propper takes it back quite a ways – 1967 to be exact.

Propper’s long heritage as a military contractor stretches to this date when they first started manufacturing the Navy dixie cup cap.

With this year being the 50-year anniversary, there have been over 120 million garments made.

But if you think Propper is stopping, think again. They’ve recently announced the next generation of go-anywhere-do-anything tactical pants for men and women that are called the Kinetic Pant.

With revolutionary NEXstretch built in, this two-way mechanical stretch fabric is meant for the Kinetic Pant to be durable, practical, and comfortable. Whether your position is meant to be more in the office or hands-on in the field, the Kinetic Pant is multifaceted.

Other features that they include are unique, durable, and rugged ripstop nylon to avoid tearing, gusseted crotch for simple movement, and an internal gripper waistband to keep a shirt tucked in. They also contain durable water repellant and wider belt loops with a badge or sunglasses holder.

And as we previously have stated, these pants come in both men and women’s. The women’s version is just not a modified men’s pant. Instead, the woman’s Kinetic Pant is particularly tailored through the hips and waist to fit a woman’s shape.

If you’re someone who’d be interested in Propper’s Kinetic Pants, they come in colors such as black, charcoal, coyote, khaki, olive and LAPD navy.

Be sure to visit their website at today.


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