CoolBro – Grab the Coolest Drink Every Time

Consumer Update

We’ve all been there, hot summer days making us parched for an ice-cold beverage. You think you’ll get said cold beverage until you reach into the fridge and end up grabbing the warmest drink on the shelf. Buzzkill.

Well, rest assured that you can stop taking the warmest drink just as long as you purchase CoolBro.

This COOL, new gadget is one you stick in your fridge for all your canned and bottled drinks. Just simply go in and grab the coldest drink every time.

Though it may seem impossible and breaks the laws of physics to grab the first cold drink in the fridge, CoolBro makes it possible! The drink is always in the same place at the bottom of the CoolBro so there’s no searching involved.

In addition, CoolBro acts as a fridge organizer and keeps your drinks in one place. So, it’s not only perfect for daily usage, but it’s also ideal for entertaining. Whether it’s a barbeque or sports party,  your guests will use the CoolBro the same way that you do!

And whether you have a big fridge or small one, the CoolBro can fit in either as it comes in two different sizes. And if you really want to get fancy with it, the next time you purchase a CoolBro, you can add on the Sonic Sound Buddy which plays a sound for every time you move a drink.

If you’d like to learn more, you can head to today.



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