Dockwa – A Spot for Your Boat or Yacht, Guaranteed


Summer isn’t totally gone yet! And before fall sets in, be sure to stretch those sea legs and prepare to set sail. Well, we’ve got something pretty handy to send your way so you can have a spot for your boat, guaranteed.

Wait for it as we’ve got something pretty handy to send your way so you can secure a spot for your boat or yacht.

If you’re the type who’s an avid boater, Dockwa helps make the ocean, bay, lake, etc. feel like home. Its software puts boaters in touch with marinas in a pinch.

What’s convenient about Dockwa is that there is no middleman needed in order to reserve slips or moorings at marinas, yacht clubs, and boatyards all over the country. That’s right, nationwide.

To get started, boaters can sign up for free and download the app. Once their boat and credit card is added, their account is ready to use.

All you have to do is submit a reservation request through Dockwa and receive fast confirmation that you’re required to show upon docking.

Whether it’s last minute or months in advance, Dockwa can hook you up. Avoid dealing with web forms, phone calls, and whether you’ll be OK to dock or not.

To add even more to Dockwa’s convenience, there are no booking fees or price mark-ups. Allowing you to constantly discover new marinas, view their amenities, photos, rates, and more, Dockwa’s the one-stop-shop for marina finds and dock booking.

Dockwa is the best way for boaters to reserve slips and moorings all over the country!

Download the FREE app here:


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