Nums – An Entire New Spin on Trackpads

Primarily using the trackpad on laptops as a navigation tool, Nums takes it a step further.

What is Nums exactly? Well, it just so to be the most backed Macbook accessory in 2017 that appeared on Kickstarter and the very first trackpad that operates as a number keyboard. Let’s hear it for efficiency!

We’ll let you have a look at this swanky new tech:


Sleek, isn’t it? To start, all you need to do is simply apply Nums to your trackpad, download the app, and you’re all set.

And if you need to crunch numbers, type on Nums and they’ll appear on your screen as if you were typing on your laptop’s keyboard.

Just wait until the swift launches, though. These can be customized such as accessing your email as soon as possible. Or if you prefer to have access to Facebook, you can create custom actions for that as well. It’ll launch your apps, websites, and files in 2 seconds which is 4 times faster than the average application launching speed.

Nums provides the ultimate solution for number typing and launching apps, but it also provides the best way to protect your trackpad from scratches.

Using Nums, you’re using world class manufacturers and programmers to ensure you’re getting the highest quality product. In fact, Nums has tested it hundreds of times to make sure quality was being met and visited over 20 factories to do so.

To further add to Nums’ list of accolades, they were recipients of Reddot Awards’ Best of Best Honor which is essentially the Oscar in design and featured in Projects We Love on Kickstarter.

If you’re intrigued, go ahead and learn more by heading to today.


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