RightMinder – Call for Help at the Push of a Wearable First Alert Device

Consumer Update

Did you know that 30% of those who are over the age of 65 fall at least one a year? The CDC reports that about 29 million falls in the U.S. happened in 2014 which only points towards why fall detection devices are essential.

The problem, unfortunately, is that First Alert buttons are either obtrusive, unattractive and identify the wearer as someone who’s at risk.

Enter RightMinder.

Having a fall can be a life-changing event, but fortunately, with RightMinder, it can provide you a peace of mind and is made available as a Carer application for the Apple iPhone.

With RightMinder, it turns an Android smartwatch or phone into a Fall Detection or First Alert device in the case of emergencies.

What’s really convenient about RightMinder is that it’s a built-in, easy-to-access device. With its background, it requires just a simple tap on the wrist in order to send a notification to a loved one or caregiver. In times of an emergency, RightMinder makes the call for help an easy one and one that can go out to multiple people.

Whether caregivers are family or friends, they are the best support network that RightMinder can connect you with.

With this support system on deck, there’s at least no concern when it comes to connecting you with the right people in the state of an emergency.

So let your First Alert device be at least a fashionable one with RightMinder. With Android Wear watches, they’re inexpensive and come in styles that can suit anyone.

This patent-pending app is available for wearers on Android while carers can download the app on Android and iOS. You can download the RightMinder app from the Google Play or App Store or visit RightMinder.com today.


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