REVOQ – A Fidget Spinner for Everything That Makes You Tick

Consumer Update

For those of you who may not know, fidget spinners have sort of taken over and swept up the new fad. Aside from the sole fact that they’re trendy, they’re also developed to relieve stress, anxiety, ADHD, and boredom.

So, if you’re feeling on edge and need to de-stress, WeFidget’s REVOQ can hook you up.

Taking it to a whole new level with a multifaceted fidget spinner, WeFidget’s REVOQ features a collection of fidget spinners that provide the following:

  • Trinity Spinner
  • Original “The Bar” 6-minute Fidget Spinner
  • Original UFO Spinner
  • Original BAT Fidget Spinner
  • And more

And most importantly, WeFidget embodies all the essential functions in a spinner that you’d crave. In addition to the obvious feature of it spinning, it’ll spin for a whopping 7 minutes from one flick of the finger. The switches on the side are there for those who enjoy flicking as one may do with a pen.

And if you’re feeling extra fidgety, there are the rolling steels balls on the side that are perfect for massaging your fingers.

The center can also be rotated to create a more discreet way of spinning if you’re trying to spin during that board meeting.

Think of REVOQ as a fidget spinner, cube, and stress ball all in one. It’s diversity allows for you to relieve all your stress in one sitting.

With the REVOQ, WeFidget has perfected the therapy of fidget spinners and other fidget devices.

Head over to to pre-order yours today.


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