Caret – A New Take on Social Media


It can be a gamble for whether we are truly speaking to someone who’s available on the other end of digital communication or not. But imagine if we could actually find out peoples’ statuses and share our own in real-time?

That’s where Caret comes in.

This new app allows you to essentially turn your phone’s address book into a social media platform all on its own. Essentially, you’re harnessing your phone’s unexploited sensors through the cloud.

You can personalize your presence info with automated context and interactive B2C/B2B services. You can also manage which contacts see you, call & end-to-end encrypted status based messaging for free, customize your statuses to meet business needs and discover contacts’ interests in real time.

These automatic statuses are triggered when you are on a call, have a low battery or turn the silent switch on. And if that wasn’t enough, you can create any trigger you want, like status-based triggers.

Caret offers free calls and encrypted status based messaging so you can see where, how far, what weather and what time zone your contacts call you from. Companies connect their business logic and promotions to enhance their B2C and B2B needs as well.

In efforts to keep private things private, Caret uses Tresorit’s end-to-end cloud encryption technology called “ZeroKit.”

Caret’s goal is to bring your business’ contacts closer to private and business customers so you can simply take your own service through Caret’s marketplace and its public interfaces.

You can download the Caret app for free in the App, Google Play, or Amazon store today.



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