BakBlade – Making Hard-to-Reach Areas During Shaving, Easy

Consumer Update

For men who are looking to reach difficult areas of the body when it comes to shaving, rest assured that there is a product for that. The flexibility and contortion that’s needed in order to reach certain spots are sometimes a bit much.

Enter BakBlade.

This 2.0 DIY Back and Body Shaver is a convenient grooming tool that was designed to offer a quick and smooth shave.

It works with a unique ergonomic handle that allows easy access to those hard-to-reach spots. And if you’re on the go, the BakBlade allows you to shave whether you’re dry or wet in a pinch.

In comparison to waxing, there’s no pain and you’ll still wind up with a close shave.

This handy-dandy tool comes with 2 patented DryGlide blades. The blade cartridge housing can be detached from the handle allowing you to shave your chest or other areas that are easy to reach.

So if you’re ready to efficiently and simply rid yourself of annoying back hair, give the baKblade a try. Visit to peruse their products and get started on a clean shaven back today!


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