Rettach – Access to Email Attachments in a Flash

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You know when you’re fervently searching for that darn attachment sent by your colleague? We’ve all been there, looking through our inundated inboxes typing in the keywords for the email to finally pop up. But luckily, those moments of incessant searching have come to an end.

Make accessing your attachments easy with Rettach.

This easy-to-use plugin works with an email provider such as Gmail or Outlook and seamlessly saves and stores your email attachments to your preferred storage account such as OneDrive, DropBox, or Google Drive.

Rettach works by automatically organizing attachments from past emails which will continue to sync from old to present. Organize files based on any number of rules you’ve created and from there, you’ll be able to access all your attachments in the storage account you’ve specified.

Rettach was designed for busy professionals and wishes to provide a useful tool that makes accessing your attachments a breeze.

Whether a lawyer, accountant or typical professional always trying to organize attachments, connecting your email to Rettach can make your data instantly accessible from any device. And created with security in mind,

And created with security in mind, Rettach allows for easy encrypting and moving of attachments and files from your email to your storage. You’ll never have to worry about the security because Rettach provides enterprise-grade security features by allowing only company approved cloud storage to control panels and API integrations.

Interested? Well, lucky for you, signing up is incredibly simple! It takes under a minute to start and the first month is completely free.

So, if you’re a professional and want to save time from fumbling and filtering through email attachments, check out Rettach by heading to today!


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