Cool & Dry Cooler – Avoiding Soggy Food Altogether

Summer isn’t over just yet! So in that event, let’s throw in some last minute trips to the beach, shall we?

We know the essentials; sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, and of course, the food. Though we all know what happens to prepared food that accompanies long trips and that’s sogginess. Ugh.

Nothing is worse than reaching in for your favorite sandwich and seeing that the consistency has turned from solid to mushy. So, enter Cool and Dry Cooler.

The way they achieve keeping food fresh? By using a Dry Zone insert which protects the food from moisture created by the ice below.

Traditional coolers trap hot air inside every time the cooler is opened which causes the ice to melt quickly. But with the Dry Zone insert, it sits on top of the ice and beverages, pushing out hot air and insulating the ice so it lasts longer.

In addition to the Dry Zone, Cool and Dry Cooler offers several other features that make this the go-to cooler. No worries of sand grains creeping into your food as the sand shield lies flat on the ground to prevent that from happening.

And don’t forget about the beverage holder! The beverage holder allows for access to your favorite drink at any time as well as the resident bottle opener that will ensure you’re never left thirsty.

If you’re interested in a new, innovative and smart cooler, get with Cool and Dry Cooler today by heading to today.


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