eGrocer – Prepare Your Meals with This Integrative Meal Planning App


Eating healthy is a given when it comes to something we should do well at and it gets no better than being able to cook your own meals. By managing this process, it helps to reduce time spent meal planning and wasting unused ingredients.

A mobile app that can help you accomplish this? eGrocer.

eGrocer facilitates meal planning and pantry management by creating personalized grocery lists for the user to save time and money. Its philosophy is that meal planning should be smart because everyone is different. eGrocer also believes that being adaptive to the user is essential as everyone has different needs and busy schedules.

For example, if your planned meal for the night was meatloaf and was supposed to be cooked, but a pizza was brought home instead, all the person has to do is go into the eGrocer application and cancel the meatloaf. These ingredients that were all associated with the meatloaf will go back into the pantry and will have the opportunity to re-plan all of his or her meals to maximize the efficiency of those unused ingredients. Or if those ingredients are on the brink of expiration, use the ingredients for your next meal-planning endeavor.

When you hook your phone up with eGrocer, you can expect to receive the following:

  • Recipes – peruse thousands of delicious recipes and chef specials
  • Fitness – improve your diet plan and receive recommendations based on stats that keep you fit
  • Pantry – receive recipe suggestions based on the items available in your pantry
  • Meal Plans – prepare by the day or the week with meal plans
  • Budget – cook according to your budget and number of family members you have

So if you want to explore all of the awesome features eGrocer has to offer, be sure to download the app on your iOS device today!


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