Carah – The Fashionable Safety Watch That Women Should Know About

Consumer Update

It can be intimidating walking in environments that aren’t too familiar. For some women, this can be especially intimidating when they have no form of security. However, that’s where and why Carah was designed.

DNX designs and manufactures smart wearables and IoT devices are aimed at making life just a little more simple.

Designed by a working mother with two daughters overseas, Carah acts as a panic button all while maintaining a sleek design. The SOS function is activated by simply pressing the whole watch face for 2 seconds.

With this SOS, it activates a siren and places an auto call to your pre-selected emergency contacts and sends those contacts and sends those contacts your GPS location.

Alongside its SOS function, Carah does so much more. It also sets your fitness goals, counts your steps, and tracks your calories via the accompanying app.

And if your phone goes missing, double click the 6 o’clock position to make it ring. And if you’re in a selfie-taking mood, you can do that too. Activate your phone’s camera for remote selfies with a simple click of the watch face.

And lastly, Carah wouldn’t be complete without the notifications letting you know when you receive a call or text. This fashionable safety watch immediately meets a woman’s needs with other desirable features.

Find out more about Carah by visiting or searching for “Carah” on Kickstarter.


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