CoreChair – Stay Active Even While You Sit

We know how it goes. The day can drag on forever sometimes and all the while you’re remaining stationary in your seat. Experts even recommend taking a 5-minute break for each hour that you spend sitting. And though getting up and walking around is a great way to offset the negative effects, it may not do the trick for you.

Well, CoreChair is here to help you out.

This technical innovation focuses on optimal posture by helping to stabilize the core. In addition, you’re mobilizing key joints that are typically affected by sitting for long periods of time.

One of the main and most common problems this helps to fix is lower back pain. With 80% of the population experiencing back pain in some form or another in their lives, only 30% seek out treatment.

The CoreChair’s main purpose was to fix the issue at the core (literally) as the low back works with the sculpted seat. It does this to stabilize the pelvis and create a balanced spine position which in turn reduces the need for a tall back.

It appears that without the conventional tall back office chair, we shed bad sitting habits quciker. As humans, we are also supposed to be moving, not sitting down for hours only moving our fingers. The CoreChair revolutionizes 9-5 jobs everywhere and helps promote an active lifestyle even if you are at work for 8 hours a time. It’s time to set ourselves up with a healthier way of living for the long run.

So, if you’re interested in changing up resting on your loral, then don’t hesitate to purchase the CoreChair with its 12-year warranty and 60-day satisfaction policy. Simply visit their website at


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