SuperDuty Super Protection Power Case – Drop Your Phone with Reassurance

Consumer Update

We can agree that dropping our phones on the hard ground is nothing short of a nerve-wracking situation – especially when it’s not protected. These moments seem to happen in slow motion and it’s almost like we can see our phone’s history flash before our eyes.

Though phones can be replaced, it’s still yet another thing you have to put on your to-do list. Why not eliminate the possibility of screen cracking/shattering altogether? That’s where SuperDuty Super Protection Power Case comes in.

The SuperDuty Super Protection Power Case takes away any concern you may have of a cracked or shattered phone upon accidentally dropping it. With its full impact protection for nearly any drop, this case will prevent your screen from scratching and allows an ease of access with a belt clip.

In addition, SuperDuty Super Protection Power Case comes with a built-in four thousand milliamp hour battery, delivering up to 175 percent extra battery with enough power to extend the life of your iPhone to a total of over 40 hours. Yeah, with the amount of apps our phones hold nowadays, that extra bit ain’t too bad.

This basically means you can go over two days on your initial charge and the built-in battery before you even have to think about reaching for your charger.

So why not combine peace of mind with battery powered efficiency? In our opinion, this is the kind of case every iPhone user should have.

If you’re interested in picking up the SuperDuty Super Protection Power Case, head to Kickstarter today. It’s available for a limited amount of time so don’t miss your opportunity!


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