Let’s Be Chefs – Creating Great Meals from Amazing Recipes


We all think about it. We’re in the car, on our way back from work and we ponder, “What am I going to have for dinner, tonight?” This can be considered a loaded question, but one that we must ask ourselves nonetheless.

There’s luckily an app that can assist you on your journey of meal planning and food preparation. It’s called Let’s Be Chefs.

With its easy-to-use menu, this recipe app extracts all the mental work out of planning meals. Each week you’ll have recipes sent straight to your phone that are filled with healthy and simple meals, so no worries on having to get your hands on Octopus or something.

Let’s Be Chefs learns your likes and dislikes based on how you rate your recipes. Each week you’ll receive a menu that is tailored to your taste buds. These 5-star recipes are immediately added to your favorites and allow you to switch out meals with a simple tap. That’s all it takes to plan a week’s worth of meals – just 2 minutes. Adjust the dates and times on your menu and settings notifications and it’ll remind you of when it’s time to start cooking.

Your ingredients are also easily added to a built-in grocery list and sorted by aisle. When you begin cooking, your phone screen will automatically stay on and highlight each step so you don’t lose your place.

So let Let’s Be Chefs do the mental work for you when it comes to making meals. It’ll take the stress out of answering the question of, “What’s for dinner?”

Head to the Apple or Google Play Store today to download Let’s Be Chefs and to start your free trial.


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