PowerLix – Power Up Your Kitchen Appliances and Tools

Consumer Update

A common area where people tend to spend most of their time is in the kitchen. And though cooking a specific type of meal (or any meal) can feel like a chore, having the right tools and appliances can help make it fun.

Developed by a team of kitchen-savvy engineers, PowerLix has come up with a line of products designed to improve and enhance your tasks in the kitchen.

PowerLix has a list of different items that can help making cooking or baking fun.

First is the PowerLix Can Opener

With its sharp wheel and easy-to-turn knob, this can opener transforms opening cans so it makes it an effortless task. This can opener opens cans from the side in a smooth manner in order to avoid injuries and if health is a concern, the blades will never touch the food.

Second on the list is the PowerLix Popcorn Maker which facilitates an easy and effortless snack. This product comes with a collapsible silicone bowl for simple microwaving without the typical mess.

All you have to do is drop kernels and salt (oil and butter are optional) in the bowl and you’re ready to go.

Third on PowerLix’s featured list of must-have kitchen tools is their Milk Frother. This gadget helps to make a luxury homemade cappuccino or latte to start your day. All you have to do is place it in hot or cold milk and let it do the rest! It’ll foam up in no time.

And if you truly want to own the kitchen while you prepare beverages or food, get on board with PowerLix’s aprons that feature a variety of Superhero-themed aprons such as Batman, Superman, Iron Man, and more.

Discover all of the things by visiting Power-Lix.com today.


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