Quilo – A Humidifier, Fan and A/C Unit All in One

Consumer Update

While summer comes to a steady halt, the temperature will still likely remain warm until the next few months, at least where we are in the D.C. metropolitan area.

And once you think about it, instead of investing in separate units such as fans, humidifiers, and additional AC units to keep your cool, why not get an all-in-one system instead?

That’s where Quilo comes in.

With its eco-friendly fan, Quilo has an extremely low power consumption of only 36 watts in the highest speed setting. With this, it can transform into an evaporative air cooler and a humidifier.

In addition, Quilo’s patent-pending, evaporative air cooling system can help cool an area down by up to 10-15 degrees. The humidifier will rehydrate the air and you won’t have to worry about irritated skin.

And though air coolers are known to be loud, Quilo changes it up by being more on the silent side while also providing a comfort light. This helps to make it perfect for cooling the bedroom or living room.

And if you also need to transport Quilo for any reason, you can easily do so by rolling it out on its durable wheels.

On hotter days when you’re in need of a cool-down, Quilo has an ice compartment you can fill up for quicker cooling. All it takes is adding water to the tank and Quilo’s evaporative cooling technology to rapidly reduce the temperature of incoming warm air, thus creating a refreshing cool breeze.

And for optimal comfort, Quilo provides a remote control that functions across the room and a low water alarm that alerts you when you need to refill for easy maintenance.

It doesn’t get any better than easy portability, optimal efficiency, and maximum convenience.

So, you want to find your own Quilo today, head on over to indiegogo.com and search for “Quilo.”


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