iSecure – Stop Hackers Connecting to Your Computer Anywhere in the World

Consumer Update

With our large reliance on internet and computers, the threat of cyber-crimes continues to grow. With incessant email scams and other attempts to hack personal and corporate computers, it only begs a solution that prevents access to our personal devices.

Hackers are able to connect to your computer from anywhere in the world and upload malware, viruses, trojans, ransomware, and other things of the like.

With iSign International, it’s leading the change with several acts of defense aimed at nullifying the efforts of hackers and giving you back your privacy.

One of the ways you can start doing this? Is with iSecure Protector. This gives you full control of your firewall to see all incoming connections that would otherwise go unnoticed. What better way to prevent cyber attacks than taking full control of your firewall and blocking all incoming connections? iSecure ensures that you’ll be protected from these connections that contain detailed analytics and information from devices accessing your computer.

Additionally, iSecure creates barriers that prevent attempts at connecting to and spying on your computer. iSecure will work even if your computer has already been compromised.

iSecure goes to work by finding data that’s flowing to suspicious ISPs and shuts it down immediately. Devices that are managed by those ISPs will be blocked in the future.

To make iSecure even more security-oriented, it works with advertisers who may not be considered “hackers” but are still unwanted nonetheless. These companies are pulling data from your computer and can be quite invasive. iSecure works to protect you against these companies that pull data analytics based on your browsing history and behavior.

If you’re interested in signing for iSecure Protector, it’s only $10 a month with an initial-10-day free trial if you enter the code, “newswatch.” You’ll receive a $15 discount with that code.

Head to today to get started.


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